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Ways to Keep Your Childrens Brain Active During Holidays!

How do we keep our brains active over the holidays? This is a question that eternally plagues people. According to the website Penny Pinching Mom, children can lose up to 60% of what they learned during the school year. I don’t know about 60% but I do feel a drop in my intelligence level when I don’t do anything for a long time.  How can we fix this?

Here are 10 tips!

    1. Make a bucket list with your children (make them feel a part of the decision making process which helps them to actually stick to plans, hopefully!): Things your kids want to do, things they wish they could do, anything! You might want to go to the museum or eat out, however include things such as learning a new language or visiting a museum, goals that also stimulate them intellectually.
    2. Read a book (or two, or three or ten): By reading they are keeping their minds active by having to think about complex vocabulary, constantly looking at words, and making their mind think and make connections. Visit the library instead of buying books!
    3. Be ACTIVE: make it a point not to sit around in front oftheir computer or the TV all day, and go outside! Observe the world, get that adrenaline pumping so their mind stays fresh and sharp!
    4. Solve some PUZZLES: rubics cubes, sudokus, crossword puzzles all count! Do one every day and their mind is sure to be active! Try out our Multiplication colouring book, well fun, they won’t even realise that they are refreshing or learning their times tables!
    5. Play educational games with them, see our educational games section for ideas!
    6. Create art! While art is not necessarily an academic subject, it causes one to think. Which colors go well together? Where should I place this object? Art projects allow you to exercise your motor skills and CREATE, which is not only relaxing, but very fulfilling.
    7. Get them to WRITE something about their special visits or a book review . They don’t have to write a novel.  If you want, get them to keep a journal and write a few words every day. Whenever they see or do something funny write it down. That way you are keeping their mind active and improving and retaining their writing/spelling skills that they learnt at school. Also by keeping a log they can remember what they did over the holidays!
    8. Cut down on computer, though they do not have to stop using them. We live in a world where people are connected through Facebook, Twitter, and the Internet in general and sometimes it’s nice to meet people and do things face to face.
    9.  Sit with them and spend some special time together, they would really appreciate that!
    10. There are many books in our bookshop for different age ranges, even if they do 1 page a day, thats only 15 minutes a day can make all the difference! Reward them afterwards by a hug, kiss or treat, I’m sure they would want to do another activity book the next day!

Keeping their mind active during the holidays does not seem to be that difficult after all. The key, however, is to be motivated. Make them challenge themselves to not sit around doing nothing.

Hope that helps! Let us know ways you spend time with your child during holidays?

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